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On February 9th, twelve Holy Cross students jumped on a jet to the University of Michigan to attend the annual ENGAGE Undergraduate Investment Conference at Michigan’s Ross School of Business....

Coffee is every college student's dream. Dare I say that we need caffeine to function daily? Regardless of whether or not you need caffeine, the opening of Starbucks at Cafe Babel is certainly an exciting investment. 90% of college students drink caffeine...

A Look Into the SGA Budget By Zachary Elias '23

The SGA budget report for the 2022-2023 fiscal year projects net revenue of $1,112,418.00 based on a net student activity fee of $370 (after subtracting the Green Fund Fee of $10) and a $50,000 estimated rollover from the previous year's allocation. This budget is subdivided into the following categories: (1) SGA Operational, $141,200; (2) SGA Services, $129,200; (3) SGA Vehicle $14,000; (4) SGA Campus Organizations, $828,018; and (5) the Green Fund with $29,300. 

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