Alumni Interviews

Brian O’Connor ‘15 is a strategy consultant focused on the intersection of strategic growth and customer strategy where he leverages his corporate and business unit strategy expertise (with experience in strategy development, new product innovation, scenario planning, and market entry). This interview was held by Julia Posillico ’25, an economics and Italian major, pursuing a Certificate in Business Fundamentals. 

Damon Hart '96

Damon Hart serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for Liberty Mutual Insurance. At Holy Cross he was starting forward on the basketball team, which appeared in the 1993 NCAA tournament. He shares about his commitment to service and his transformative years on the hill. 

James Whelan '00

A highly skilled banker in J.P Morgan’s Real Estate division, he speaks about how his upbringing and Holy Cross got him to where he is today, along with insightful commentary about how he’s grown and found success in his career...

Dan Shaughnessy '93

A successful American sports writer and columnist for The Boston Globe. In this interview, we discussed everything from his memorable experiences at Holy Cross to his times as a writer and columnist with the Baltimore Evening Sun, the Washington Star, and The Boston Globe... 

Brian Helfrich '22

I had the privilege to speak with a recent graduate, Brian Helfrich ‘22, a new analyst who’s making an enormous impact at Blackrock, the world's biggest asset manager, in their ishares ETF and Index Fund department. Brian speaks about his time at Holy Cross and what tools he used to land the role he has today...

Kate Burke '93

Named one of the "most powerful women in 2021" by Nfocus Magazine, Kate speaks about her experience leading to the C-suite. 

Stephanie Linnartz '90

Learn more about Stephanie's journey from Holy Cross to group president of Marriott International.

Mary Ann Rettig-Zucchi '76

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of co-education on the Hill, read on Mary Ann's experience at Holy Cross.

Matt Blake '07

In this interview, we spoke to Matt Blake, the pitching coach for the New York Yankees.

Jim Nolan '91

Get a glimpse of Jim's career at Kraft Sports + Entertainment and life at Holy Cross in this interview.

Frank Moran '87

Learn about Frank's experience in accounting and economics, from Holy Cross to now.

Ted Lynch '84

A TED Talk with Ted where he speaks about his career in finance and offers advice to current students! 

Terry McKenna '15

Read about Terry's career in consulting, investment banking, and private equity after being a student athlete at Holy Cross.