Career Updates

10 Ways to Make your Application Stand Out for Any Role in Financial Services

Edition VI

By: Becky McCain, Assistant Director, Center for Career Development

Start EARLY:

If you are interested in careers involving the investment, lending, and management of money and assets, you need to start the process very early. This is an incredibly competitive industry that begins recruiting for summer analyst roles during the...

Your Plans for November 19th

Edition VI

By: Maria Alejandra Mendez '23

Want to have a day on campus where you can 1) enhance your professional career and 2) enjoy fun recreational activities afterwards? Saturday, November 19, 2022, is the perfect day for that! I am a current senior here at HC and we are excited to invite all the ladies to the 17th Annual Women in Business Conference. For those who don’t know, it is a great opportunity to network with successful alumnae and learn about different business career paths...

Business Certificate Graduates

Edition V

By: Prof. David Chu, Cassie Gevry, Prof. Ja-Naé Duane & Kathy Kinnarney

Congratulations! After years of workshops, tutorials, internships, coursework, and job shadowing experiences, we are proud to name you as a graduate of the Ciocca Center for Business, Ethics, and Society at the College of the Holy Cross...

How To Have a Productive Summer

Edition V

By Katy Saladin ‘22

As we are a few weeks away from the end of the school year, summer is approaching fast. Some students may have secured internships, you may have a summer job, or will be volunteering. No matter what you will be spending your summer doing, there are many ways for you to help explore your career interests...

Get an Offer

Edition IV

By: Phil Pascucci ‘22

If you are a current sophomore, now is the best time to explore finance and begin your educational and professional journey. Finance internships tend to recruit far earlier than others; in fact, many internships are currently open and will close during the summer and fall for next summer...

Finding Community in a Corporate World

Edition IV

By: Caroline Quinn ‘22

Caroline Quinn ’22 is a senior at Holy Cross majoring in International Studies, minoring in Art History, and pursuing the Certificate in Business Fundamentals. She is also co-chair of the Women in Business club. Last summer she spent ten weeks interning remotely at PepsiCo as a National Commercial Sales Strategist...

By: Mackenzie Madden '22

Before heading back to the Hill, 187 motivated students participated in five concurrent virtual business workshops. The week of January 18-22 was led by 70 experienced alumni presenters and mentors across a variety of areas and disciplines...

By: Pam Ahearn, Manager Employer Partnerships

For those of you hoping to pursue a career in Financial Services i.e. careers involving the investment, lending, and management of money and assets, it’s important for you to start the process EARLY...

By: Julie Pereira-Gomes '23

When someone hears the word, “networking,” anxiety is often the fi rst thing they feel. However, networking does not have to be intimidating. Networking is all about developing relationships with those whose jobs or company interest you...

By: Julie Draczynski '99, Director Employer Engagement

The Center for Career Development (CCD) supports all Holy Cross students through every stage of your career development journey. We can help you identify and clarify your career objectives, put you in touch with advisors, alumni and other professionals who can help you explore career options and equip you to drive an effective internship / job search to land the role that is right for you!